Stay healthy.  Be preventative.

Some of my favorite people and products from around the world!


Most of the photos on this site are courtesy of:

Beth Price Photography    

Heather Jackson Photography


Denver- Shannon Stevens

Shannon is an incredible sports acupuncturist in Denver, CO. I give her an A+ when it comes to supporting me in so many aspects of my health and happiness! 

CO- Healing Haircare

Melissa- Peace Tree Studio

Melissa has a lovely healing touch and she's a wonderful hairdresser! She is a yoga teacher and a Lanza Haircare color specialist.

CO- Rolfing

Denver- Justin Farrell

I guess I never tried rolfing before because I never thought I "needed it" but like most things I do its a preventative therapy to KEEP my body healthy. We all have misalignments from sports, injuries or the way we carry our bags on a daily basis. I was introduced to Justin in the fall of 2016. He is a total anatomy nerd like myself and such a gifted bodyworker!