May 13- June 9

200-hr YTT, El Salvador

July 7- 9


July 9 - August 4th

          200-hr YTT, Denver CO 

July 27-29th, 2018

Kindness Yoga, Denver (Hilltop Studio)

September 21-23

Hive Tribe Harvest,  Weekend Retreat, CO

December 1-7

Hive Tribe Retreat, El Salvador 

December 1st - BOOK RELEASE! 


Dear Colorado Yoga Family, 

First of all, thank you for helping me become the woman and teacher I am today.  With a full heart, I am relocating to two unbelievable locations! Leavenworth Washington and El Tunco, El Salvador.  I will be spending the winter months in In El Salvador developing the yoga and retreat programs at El Salvador Yoga/Balancé.  

I will be back in Colorado often! 

When I come back to Colorado I will be filming videos, spending time with my mentees, leading trainings and workshops.

I'm excited to continue my role as a Teacher Training lead for the Kindness Yoga Teacher Trainings. I have several workshops and retreats scheduled when I'm in town.

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Private Yoga

I travel with/to private clients to provide these sessions.   Please contact me to begin

Single Session

  • First session 90 min

Tune Up, 3 sessions

  • 1st session 90 Min, 2nd session 60 min, 3rd session 60 min

Heal and Progress

  • 1st session 90 Min, 2nd session 60 min, 3rd session 60 min, 4th session 60 min, 5th session 60 min

Strengthen, 8 sessions

  • 1st session 90 Min, 2nd session 60 min, 3rd session 60 min, 4th session 60 min, 5th session 60 min, 6th session 60 min, 7th session 60 min , 8th session 90 min

Post package tune ups: 

This is a great way to check in, see progress and begin working on new postures.

      • This offer is good for 6 months post completion of any  package.
      • *All packages must be used within 3 months of purchase to see the best results.
      • *Unused packages are transferable, not refundable.

      Add Yoga videos to package

      • 10-15 min sequences.
      • Videos are a unique offering. I will upload a private video of YOU doing your specific yoga sequence to a private YouTube page. You will always have access to this. In the video I focus on specific cues for your body!

      Breathwork- Energy Healing

      As an apprentice of Christian de la Huerta's Soulful Breathwork I follow the path of healing and emotional release. 

      Contact me to book a consultation for Breathwork and to begin the path to healing. 

      Though it has been called by different names in various cultures and traditions, the practice of Soulful Breathwork has been in existence for hundreds of years. And there’s a reason: this simple practice, rooted in ancient yogic tradition, just WORKS. It’s timeless. It’s universal. And we simply don’t know of another practice with more potential to reshape long-held unhealthy patterns, to tap into personal purpose—and ultimately, to facilitate permanent healing.

      *This offering is available for all private sessions as well as retreats.