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Ep #2 – Staying True To Yourself W/ Lindsay Gonzalez, August 19, 2017

In this episode I interview Lindsay Gonzalez, an international yoga teacher’s teacher, an extreme sports lover, holotropic breathwork facilitator and all round beautiful soul.

Lindsay is the real deal. When I first met her a few months ago I could feel her good energy, bright enthusiasm and passion for what she does. She is truly living ‘her authentic life’ – following her dreams and passions despite societal pressures to do otherwise.

I’m sure you’ll agree, she’s an inspiration.


001 – Breathing On Board with Lindsay Gonzalez

Lindsay’s teachings have taken her all over the world.  Her pairings of yoga and board sports have propelled her to international recognition.  When not teaching, Lindsay spends her time surfing, skateboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, and hiking with her pup.  She is also publishing her first e-book: The art of hands on assists, which will be available later this year.

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Guidance to Empower Your Yoga Practice

by Tricia on November 1, 2015 in FitLo Reviews


"Lindsay has an undeniable charismatic spirit: kind, fun and adventurous. When she’s not in the yoga studio she is out exploring Colorado and the rest of the world taking on adventures like paddleboard sports, surfing, hiking, skiing, road-tripping, camping and beyond. I vote Lindsay to win “Denver’s most cool yogi award”. There is one coming up, right?"

Lindsay Gonzalez

Stand-Up Paddleboard yoga instructor, water sports athlete

Stand Up Paddleboard yoga is fun

“Out in nature, if the pose doesn't go as planned, you just fall in the water and cool off,” Gonzalez said. “That, in itself, is forgiving.”




As a yoga teacher, Lindsay is a 500 RYT with over a decade of yoga teaching experience with a focus on alignment and therapeutics. She is a certified personal trainer, and an athlete ambassador for Boardworks SUP and several other brands. She was awarded as one of the top yoga teachers in Denver in 2013 by the Mile High Yoga Experience, has led the largest, 1,200 person yoga class in Denver for Yoga Rocks the Park. Most recently Lindsay has been a presenting SUP Yoga Instructor at Wanderlust Yoga Festivals.